The neighborhood boundaries fall between South Street and Washington Avenue north to south, and Broad Street to the Schuylkill River east to west. For all the walkers out there - if you were to live in the center of Grad Ho, a round trip walk to City Hall would get you through your favorite podcast (30 minute walk each way).


The namesake medical institution may longer be in operation, but the neighborhood known as Graduate Hospital continues to thrive. Affectionately abbreviated to Grad Ho by those who live there, this neighborhood has grown to be an energetic, entrepreneurial, and family-friendly place to live.

Graduate Hospital has a mix of new and old single-family homes and after years of development, it’s beginning to reach its capacity with new construction. As an established neighborhood, expect to pay more per square foot and start at a higher offer price. However, in return you’ll live in an area that’s clean, well-lit, and recognized for both its kid-friendly attitude and neighborhood bars.